Al-Hijrah Trust Pakistan

There is no short cut to success and development; it demands planning and careful consideration on every level. Value based quality education plays a pivotal role in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and improving social well being of individuals and communities through sustainable socio-economic development.

Pakistan as a state has touched extremes of socio-economic degradation and political instability. Opportunities of economic growth and social development tend to decline exponentially, affecting both urban and rural communities.

Moreover, nepotism, violation of merit and an alarmingly skyrocketing culture of injustice have caused notable deterioration in the living standards of rich and the poor alike.

With sustainable, long-term socio-economic development, rather than temporary improvement, as key focus, a group of patriotic citizens joined hands to provide opportunities of quality education to students belonging to poor families of far-flung and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan. The turnkey project was planned for the most under-developed and deprived area of Pakistan and was thus established in, Ziarat, Balochistan.