Al-Hijrah Alumni

Carrying the legacy of volunteerism at the alma mater, a proper alumni association of Al-Hijrah graduate has been set up, comprising all graduates of HSSC students. The idea is to put this family like bonding on a timeless, selfless continuum. Presently the Alumni of AHRSC are either attaining higher education from well-reputed institute, or are pursuing their careers at note-worthy organizations. Here are some of the success stories of the Alumni of AHRSC Pakistan

Eng. Imran Anwar Salmani

(Engineer at Sui Southern Gas Company)
Imran Anwar Salmani, a young and aspiring alumni of AHRSC, was admitted by the institute at the age of 13 years. Hailing from an extremely humble background from a far-flung area of Baluchistan, getting education for him seemed unlikely. Fortunately, his potential was recognized by Al-Hijrah and he was given the opportunity to shape his future. Today, he is a bona-fide engineer at the Sui Southern Gas Company Limited and a proud member of the Pakistani working class.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad

(House Officer – Civil Hospital Quetta)
Ashfaq came to AHRSC on 7th June 2004 when he was 12 years old. He was from a deep rural origin with a modest family background. He suffered from the fear common amongst the lower strata of societies all across the worlq, due to lack of social security. AHRSC, having rendered a nurturing environment, polished the aspiring, which led him to pursue his ambitions of having a respectable career. After passing out from Alhijrah in 2010, he got admission in Bolan Medical College. Upon graduation from BMC, he became the first Doctor of his entire family. According to him, if Al-Hijrah had not given him an opportunity, he could never have pursued higher education. Now he is ambitious to serve Pakistan and Muslim Ummah by supporting the society in education and health sectors. He considers himself a true soldier of MAK Saqib and Al-Hijrah.

Shabbir Ahmad

(Lecturer – University of Loralai)
There are numerous gems in the low-key parts of the society that remain unexplored and get wasted. Therefore, Al-Hijrah specifically targets the left out elements of the society and helps them stand on their own. The story of Mr. Shabbir Ahmed falls in this category. The 12year old boy came from a destitute background where meeting the basic daily needs was a challenge. With the ambition of doing his family proud and help them achieve stability, young Shabbir was a distinctive pupil, who went on to become a bona-fide element of the society.

Zaheer Ahmad Bugti

(Agriculture Officer – Agriculture Dept. Balochistan)
Zaheer carries the appeal of an intense young man. He tries to draw a comparison of the modern contemporary world and the tribal living that once was his world. He shares that words cannot deliver the meaning of uncivilized life in contrast to his life today.” I still am a tribesman but when I visit my village, people look at me as if I am a Martian. I do have super powers.” he shares amusingly---calling it “education”. Currently an Agriculture Officer at the Agriculture Dept. Balochistan, he often wishes that more children get a life changing opportunity like him.

Captain Israr Ahmad Kakar

(SSG Commando)
Israr was a driven young man since the very beginning. He broke all the stereotypes and always topped the competitions. His drive to provide his family with a decent life compelled him to fight against all odds and present himself to the Pakistan Special Services Group. Capt. Israr prides himself on once being a part of the AHRSC, as it was the very first stepping stone that brought about a pivotal change in his life for the best.
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