Management Messages

Mr. Abdul Karim Saqib

Chairman, Al-Hijrah

“Education is a fundamental right of all humanity. Unfortunately at this day in age, the state of poverty being what it is for the less fortunate, having money for 2 meals a day seems like a far-fetched option, let alone bearing the expenses of modern day education. Which is why, I can proudly testify to the fact that Al Hijrah is well on its path to deliver illumination to the children hailing from marginalized segments of Pakistan. The ideation of setting up the AHRSC Ziarat was to begin rooting out the cancer of naivety from the very core, which makes it all the more humbling to see the wonders it has accomplished and aided in accomplishing for the underprivileged many. To that strength, we aim to stay true to our resolute cause and seek to render salvation through enlightenment for the forgotten youngsters all across Pakistan.”

Mr. Mehmat Swas Polat

General Manager, Diyanet Vakfi

"Prosperity with values of justice, spirit of service and moral integrity can not be achieved through contemporary education system unless we teach the balanced understanding of our Deen to young souls. Al Hijrah Trust has done a commendable job in being the bearers of light for the unfortunate many, drenched in the blinding ignorance. Being partner in this futuristic project, gives us great pleasure in standing by their side as our future lies in the hands of these budding souls and am confident that our tomorrow is brighter than yesterday, inn shaa ALLAH. Such projects needs special attention from philanthropic individuals and institutions. Your contributions will definitely lit a brighter future so don't loose the opportunity to be partner in this Sadqaey Jaria project.”

Mr. Abdur Rehman Usmani

Chief Executive Officer, Al-Hijrah School Trust

“It is great honor for me to be involved in such a noble and revolutionary endeavor for the better of our country. AHRSC Ziarat has made a thorough impact on the lifestyles of the less fortunate. By developing their skills Al-Hijrah seeks to help their students become a valued part of the Pakistani working class and make a decent living for themselves and their families. We are very fortunate to have the support of one of the most philanthropic nations of the world, hence, we are currently on the road a bigger and better Al Hijrah School Trust, and a brighter and prosperous nation.”
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