Al-Hijrah Schools Trust

The Al-Hijrah Schools Trust (AHST) opened the door of opportunities for aspiring youth from humble backgrounds, by rendering the finest quality education in order to help them become value additions to the society. AHST carries a decade long history of producing highly competent and intellectual individuals, many of whom have become highly successful professionals. The AHST was designed to ensure that the young generation lives up to its highest potential and leaves a cherished legacy behind for the community, the Ummah, and humanity in the long run.

Our Resolve...



“A just society based on humanitarian values and equal opportunities for socio-economic growth.”


“Quality education with character building for optimizing the full potential of the nation and the Ummah.”

Carrying the legacy of volunteerism


Tri-fold Ethos of Education

To keep today’s students and tomorrow’s responsible citizens of this country away from polarity, at Al-Hijrah, we focus to these three aspects of self-development process. We believe that these components cover the entirety of grooming responsible national and global citizens and concerned Ummati.

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